If I showed you my night in IG posts


**this is not a ‘booty call’ but my everyday life in our 2-parent household.

<<<screenshot of your “Restricted” caller ID on my phone screen>>>

<<<pic of me picking up your list of requests from the store (wine/beer@target)>>>

<<<pic of my bright idea to sneak into some sexy underthings beneath my uniform of yoga pants and comfy T’s>>>

<<<photo of my sly smile as you comment on how long it took me when i ran upstairs to fetch your glasses>>> *winking emoji**

<<<pic of me feeling compromised in the lingerie you bought me but didn’t know I was wearing under my clothes>>>>

<<<pic of your closed door (because we don’t even share a bedroom)>>>

<<<<pic of me grabbing my glass of wine>>>

<<pic of your abandoned drinks on the floor>>

<<pic of the baby monitor flashing, declaring #lastcall>>

<<pic of me alone in bed>>>

It’s a little too personal to show, but I wonder who else would understand/relate to the story?