Everything Changes

When you’re young and stupid and can’t possibly comprehend how kids will change your life – I’ve been there and done that.  I swore up an down at 15 that I should never have kids – I was too self-centered to be any good as a parent.  That may or may not have been true, but I have FOUR kids now, count’em:  1,2,3,4!  They’re great and life is as great as it can be with FOUR KIDS! 

The changes have been mind boggling, mind blowing, etc…so on and so forth.  There are countless blogs and articles and clever, quirky posts about the way life is after having babies.

But seriously?  “Having babies” is a fucking lie – or misconception at least.  Because those cute little, sweet little, innocent little “babies” grow.  They grow non-stop.  They grow into obnoxious little know-it-all, exhibiting your worst habits, darned rotten awful amazing little independent beings that you never could have expected even though they remind you so much of yourself it scares the bejeesus out of you…things! 

I just went to the bathroom and while I stared at the Spiderman pajama pants on my bathroom floor, and thought of the Spiderman mask in our toy box (actually, I have no idea where the thing is.  It should be in our toy box but who really knows?) and then thought of the Spiderman balloon toy we thought we might get at Denny’s this morning from a balloon animal maker but didn’t because she went on break before we left so now we have to go back to Denny’s until we get the damn thing…I wondered, “I know how having babies changes things, even how having young kids changes things, but what on God’s green earth is life gonna be like as these things grow???”  Will Spiderman ever matter as little to me as he used to?  Because since having kids, everything has changed.  Will it ever change back?


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