How to Hide Leaky Boobs


Breastfeeding rocks, but it comes with it’s own unique pitfalls. I remember when I was working in an office and was lucky enough to be able to take my baby to work with me. I took a break to nurse him in private and not long after, when I was caught in a little chatter in the hallway, another woman joked that she could tell which side I’d fed from as I had one heaving bosom and one that looked a little deflated (knowing she was a breastfeeder herself, we were able to laugh about it).

Another problem facing lactators is leakage. Darn it if I can remember the movie, I was just watching something where a woman walked into a conference room and she had some tell-tale circles on the front of her blouse; just as she was about to face a room full of men, her assistant helpfully spilled a cup of water down her front side to spare anyone noticing her leaky boobs. I was recently at Disney World’s Wild Animal Kingdom, and I nursed my 8 month old son on the right side, sure enough, the left side let down too and I was walking around with a wet spot. I laughed about it to myself, but didn’t relish the thought of complete strangers seeing the sight. Lucky for me, I was about to board the Kali River Rapids ride. I didn’t know it at the time but I landed the wettest seat on the ride and when I got off, I was completely soaked – much to the humor of my daughters who remained relatively dry.

Safe to say, no one could tell I had leaked breastmilk all over my shirt!