Holiday Performances

This week has had a dance recital, a school program and a piano concert.  Sometimes I worry that my eldest is too shy, like when I think of her standing outside of the neighbor’s house over the summer, too nervous to knock on the door, but yearning to play with their grandchildren.  She’s expressed feelings of stage-fright in the past, but she said nothing of it this year.  She danced in front of a crowded gymnasium as well as everyone in her group.  She looked lovely on the risers, surrounded by her classmates at her school’s Christmas program – and the songs she’d been singing around the house for weeks were much improved when put to music.  At her piano recital, she played well and sat with beautiful posture.  She was showered with praise from multiple family members and took it all about as graciously as I could hope for.  I am very proud!


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