This is an experiment.

I had this inspiring idea while reading the blog of another mom I know that perhaps blogging about how awesome it is to stay home with your kids makes you appreciate the experience a little bit more.  Of course I appreciate the fact that I have my children, and get to spend these precious times with them instead of giving them to someone else to care for, and that we are able to get by on one income, but it is often overwhelming and frustrating too.

I had never really understood the appeal of blogging about the day to day activities of one’s life – unless you are extremely clever and witty, or do something truly impressive.  But telling the story of diapers, preschool and after school activities just seemed sort of mundane, and perhaps self-absorbed.  Now I have a suspicion it may serve a higher purpose, and this is my experiment to find out.  If it works for me, I’ll share this blog with all the friends and family who may like to know what adventures diapers, preschool, and after school activities bring us and I suppose they’ll enjoy reading it because they don’t get to immerse themselves in this existence.

In the meantime, let’s just cross our fingers that I can keep a positive perspective amidst all the poop and tantrums!

P.S.  This post was written with Sativa wiggling on my lap, insisting we play with her new birthday presents, and licking my face.  I told her, for the 4th time this week, not to lick me.


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